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Sensitive Data/Security Labeling Services

Legal Challenges with Sharing Clinical Data

Sharing clinical data across legal entities for the treatment of patients carries a number of legal challenges. Some of these challenges are:

    • HIPAA requires clinical data sharing entities to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to Protected Health Information and then only for the intended purpose.
    • Federal, state and local laws additionally protect information regarding specific clinical conditions or patient behaviors (HIV, substance abuse, mental health treatment, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.). Some of the requirements are based on specific patient demographics (e.g. minors).

As a result, to fully comply with all of these regulations, authoring entities need to implement services that label specific information based on its sensitivity. Furthermore, they must institute policies to obtain patient authorization before sharing this information, even with other covered entities.


Our Solution: Sensitive Data / Security Labeling Service

In 2009, EnableCare developed a Sensitive Data / Security Labeling Service to detect additionally protected data in any clinical or administrative transaction. This service can detect sensitive data in both coded and free text information exchanges in real-time. The service went live in 2011 with a major client in the Northeast and has been operational since that time.


   Significant Milestones:

    • EnableCare started providing a Sensitive Data / Security Labeling Service in 2011
    • EnableCare has processed over 50 million client transactions, including the analysis of over 4 million CDAs
    • EnableCare has proven ability to reliably detect sensitive conditions in both coded and textual information





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